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Carey Mulligan, the UK sensation who is being tipped for awards glory in An Education, is in advance discussions to star in the title role of Effie, being sold here by Ealing Studios.

The film is written by Oscar-winning actress and screenwriter Emma Thompson, who will also star with Greg Wise.

Richard Laxton will direct the drama, which is about one of the great scandals of the Victorian era. It follows the story of John Ruskin (Wise), the eminent Victorian art critic, and of his marriage to Effie Gray (Mulligan).

As her troubled husband’s behaviour becomes ever stranger, Effie must gather her wits about her to avoid scandal while ensuring escape to the arms of the man she really loves: the dashing artist – and darling of her husband’s critical eye – John Everett Millais. Thompson plays Lady Eastlake.


4 Comments on “Possible new project: “Effie”?

  1. Sarika

    *Gasp* This was part of the miniseries “Desperate Romantics” on the BBC!! Wow. Can’t wait to see Carey in a historical film!

  2. Amanda

    OMG it was??? Ahhh this is so exciting!!! I really hope the talks don’t fall through and this project happens!

  3. Sarika

    Me too! It has Emma Thompson attached… so it probably will 😀 The scandal ended too soon on the miniseries… like they just forgot about it. And Millais looked like a young boy. It was… interesting.

  4. Amanda

    Anything Emma’s attached to usually happens and I’m sure she can pull some strings to get Carey 😀 I’ve never watching the mini series so I’m excited to learn more!

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