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Today, the lovely Carey Mulligan turns 27, and we here at Carey Mulligan Online wish her the happiest of birthdays, and cannot wait to see all her upcoming projects, especially The Great Gatsby!

Feel free to leave your birthday messages to Carey in the comments :)


3 Comments on “Happy Birthday Carey!

  1. Arnold Garcia

    Just saw the Gatsby trailer, you look amazing Carey!

  2. Roz

    Carey!! Congratulations on your birthday on 28May! You are a wonderful person and a great Legend to me already!! May God Bless you with happiness/ joy , hope, success , wisdom and a brilliant healthy future!! Love you dearly! Hope you a great day!! Now we both are 27 yr, hehe. 😉 All the best!! Kind Regards, Roz ( South Africa )

  3. Reggie

    Just watched you in “Never Let Me Go”. It’s one of those films that makes you lie awake and think, taking you places you may not want to go. Would just like to say that I got the same kind of feeling I got when first seeing Bette Davis in a film. It left me wondering if I had ever really seen great acting before and if I would ever see it again. Your film acting gave me that feeling again. I hope you do a lot more such serious roles. Film-making does so need someone to be great again. For what it’s worth, I think perhaps that’s you.

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