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rmed to charm with those adorable dimpled cheeks, Carey Mulligan stars in the latest issue of Interview Magazine in an array of exquisite poses. Photographed by Mikael Jansson, the shots once again prove that the 24-year-old has officially become Hollywood’s darling. So what’s her secret for staying put as The Next Big Thing? Is it the quirky English Rose effect or could it be that distinctive crop reminiscent of a perky pixie? Whatever the ingredient, C.Mull can teach young Hollywood a thing or two about girlie loveliness. So as the star of ‘An Education’, we deemed it fit to bring you Carey’s visual tutorial in elfin beauty…

Lesson one: the enticing cover

“Demure and pretty, moi?” This requires a straightforward format: wide eyes, pouty lips. It’s a classic. While those dewy and doe-like eyes hold a hint of vulnerability, the all-important finger-to-lip move provides a suggestive touch of sauce. Coyly lifting up your sweatshirt to reveal a sexy dress (preferably Dolce & Gabbana) certainly helps too. Yep, we get it, you’re naughty-but-nice. Good work.

Lesson two: fashion fabulousness

Always, always play dress-up in a variety of hip designers. Dolce & Gabbana for some sassy va-va-voom? Check. Marc Jacobs for on-trend, youthful cool? Yep. Prada for lady-like sophistication? But of course – this is Miuccia’s muse after all. And you must always have a Chanel 2.55 to hand, natch.

Next, bring in the ever-fashionable Breton stripe to amp up the chic factor with some French flair. Forget Mia Farrow, this oozes the gamine features of Jean Seberg in ‘Breathless’, non? The smelling-your-armpit pose is also a winner, which brings us onto our next exercise…

Lesson three: the perfect poise

Aren’t we all fans of getting dressed, donning heels then nonchalantly slouching on a wrought iron bed while gazing into the distance? If not, it’s time to get involved and nail that too-cool-for-school aesthetic that the La Chung has championed. Add rolled up sleeves, a casual hand in the pocket et voila: an edgy little elf is born.

Wow. Although taking off your top in such an awkward manner would look ungainly for us mere mortals, Carey’s managed to turn undressing into a fine art. As we can see from this alluring yet tasteful shot, she’s mastered the craft of demurely flashing the flesh. None of that Megan Fox boobs-and-bum vulgarity here. An outstretched dainty arm + a bare back + an exposed neck = a sweetly sexy pose ideal for the former Catholic school girl who’s found her mischievous side. There’s something of the VB about it too, and this makes us very proud.

Lesson four: get experimental

Ah yes, another demonstration of the subtleties of talking with your eyes. After imitating Twiggy, Carey’s done it again and cleverly exploited comparisons to legendary Brits by being shot in black and white – this time, very Audrey Hepburn. Add a personal touch with some modern attitude and get splattered with neon paint. Who needs rose tinted glasses now?

And with that, today’s Brit cool masterclass is complete. Mission accomplished – thank you, Ms Mulligan. A*’s all round. For further study, please refer to Interview’s website by clicking here.