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Huge congratulations to Carey for winning the Best Actress award at the BAFTAs tonight! I’m still looking for a video of Carey’s adorable, touching and heartfelt speech, but for now here are two interviews – one from before the show, and one just after the has received her award :)

8 Comments on “Carey Mulligan Wins Best Actress BAFTA!

  1. Amanda

    Congrats Carey! 😀

  2. Olivia

    I am so happy she won! I was hoping for her to get the rising star award too, but best actress is just as amazing. Congratulations, Carey!!

  3. juli


  4. Annika

    Congratulations Carey! 😀

  5. Layla Alvar

    I found the Bafta video featuring Carey Mulligan’s speech! It begins at 1:40 :) Enjoy!

  6. Celyn

    Thank you! 😀

  7. Layla Alvar

    Found a better link :)

  8. Sibylle

    Another link just in case: :)

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