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Oscar nominated actress Carey Mulligan says she doesn’t want to act in lead roles anymore.

The An Education star said she will restrict herself to supporting roles in future, reports The Daily Express.

“The character parts are so much more interesting to play, I don’t think I want to play title roles. I don’t want to be the face on the poster. I don’t want the pressure of having a film’s success ride on my shoulders,” says Carey, 24.

“I want to play the most interesting parts,” she further added in an interview with US magazine.

“I just want to play the most interesting parts and it’s increasingly rare to get an interesting female character that is the lead in a film. An Education was an exception – parts like that are so rare.”


2 Comments on “Carey Mulligan prefers character roles to lead ones

  1. tiffany

    man, not having new news sucks. i have to admit i was getting tired of the endless interviews about “an education” during oscar season, but now i miss the updates.

  2. Celyn

    Tiffany – we are trying, but with Carey out of the spotlight, news is going to be slow 😉

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