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Carey has arrived at the 82nd Annual Academy Awards with her mom, dad and brother as her guests. She is wearing a black dress by Prada (which has knives and scissors on it!). In an interview with AP she mentioned that she’ll be keeping the blond but is going to let her hair grow out.

12 Comments on “Carey Mulligan Arrives At 82nd Annual Academy Awards

  1. Marie

    Darn, I’m so sad she didn’t win! :(
    But I think there’s a lot more amazing movies waiting for her ahead!

    thanks for sharing the pics so quickly :)

    p.s.: ah, I liked her brunette with short hair… ((
    but then whatever, she’s still a great actress no mater what :)

  2. juli

    I am kind of happy she sidnt win, it would be too much pressure on her early career. I am sure she will get nominated again, SHE IS SOOOOO TALENTED :)

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