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“My Boy Jack”

Carey Mulligan as Elsie Kipling
Directed by: Brian Kirk
Written by: David Haig
Released: 11 November 2007 [UK], 20 April 2008 [USA]
Genre: Drama


It’s 1914. Rudyard Kipling (David Haig), the British Empire’s greatest supporter, is at the peak of his literary fame. Kipling’s son, Jack (Daniel Radcliffe), is determined to play his part in the imminent war with Germany, but finds himself rejected due to his extremely poor eyesight. When his father uses his influence to land Jack a commission in the Irish Guards, Kipling’s wife, Caroline (Kim Cattrall), is bitterly upset, failing to see the glory in losing her only son to the war.



– Several scenes were shot at the actual Rudyard Kipling estate, Bateman’s, where Kipling lived from 1902 until his death.

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